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The Healing Atelier offers both cutting-edge technologies and ancient practices to purify the body, allowing it to heal itself. For safety and maximum efficacy, a minimum one hour intake is required prior to starting a protocol. The following therapies are available by the hour. Dr. St. Charles, Ph.D. will be happy to design a customized program to address individual concerns and health issues.

deep tissue massage

Detoxification and Rejuvenation Therapies

A wide range of therapies are available, making it possible to select the optimal therapy for your system:

  • Epidermal Exfoliation and Lymphatic Treatments –(dry brushing, herbal rubs, salt scrubs, and BHCL solutions) - to stimulate lymphatic flow and improve skin function
  • Packs – (herbal, organic fango, French clays, castor oil, medi-body, organic food, and M&M) – to detoxify and nourish target areas and remove interference fields,
  • Oxygen Treatments – (steam sauna, oxygen insufflation, EWOT, and magnesium oxide flush) - to oxygenate the body and improve immunity
  • Anti-Microbial Dental Care Packs and Pastes to reduce dental inflammation, pain, and infection, especially before dental procedures and amalgam removal
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocols - to reduce mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, tin, chromium, titanium, and other toxic minerals
  • Supervised Kidney, Liver, Colon, Gall Bladder Flushes (only as appropriate) - to relieve congestion in the target organ
  • Migun Far-Infrared Massage – to relax the body and encourage healing, using FDA- approved FIR technology, acupressure and light traction
  • Toxic Foci Cupping - to improve circulation, lift stagnation, relieve chronic muscle pain, and improve function
  • Medi-Muds - to extract toxins, improve lymphatic function, and improve circulation
  • Enzymatic Cleansing – to provide blood cleansing in conjunction with a dietary program
  • Vaccination Recuperation Protocols - to remove residues of vaccinations
  • S & S oil pulling - to remove oil based toxins, petro-chemical poisons
  • Ear Candling - to remove build-up and clarify hearing
  • Customized Herbal Preparations - to eliminate toxins and foster improvement in the detoxification pathways
  • Colon Cleansing and Enema Programs - to normalize elimination, cleanse, heal, and nourish the body
  • Lipid Replacement Protocols - to nourish the body, purify the body’s, improve bodily functions, and calm nervous energy
  • Detox for Mental Health - to address mental health issues that may be created or aggravated by environmental toxins and other emerging health conditions

Bio-Energetic Purification Therapies

  • FIR (Far-Infrared) Sauna Therapy - to purify, rejuvenate, rehabilitate from injury, improve post workout recovery and athletic performance, regain cardiac function, and improve skin
  • Aqua Chi Ionic Footbath - to detoxify
  • Homeopathic Detoxification Programs - - to provide a gentle daily detoxification with long term benefits
  • Scar Interference Field Therapy – to diminish scarring, stimulate circulation, and improve neural response
  • Bio-Resonance Retraining - - to eliminate negative thought patterns and replace them with new ones
  • Do-In Routine / The Five Tibetans – to increase energy, strength, stamina and immunity
  • Magnet Therapies - to stimulate the nature flow of energy, relieving congestion and pain.
  • Toxic Foci Clearing - to ease stagnation and remove toxins from target areas
  • EMF Detoxification – to remove symptoms associated with EMF overload
  • Spectra-Chrome Therapies (crystalline, spectacle sessions, infused H2O, color toning) - to balance bio-energetic field, and input deficient frequencies
  • Chi Gong Exercises - to improve the flow of the body’s natural energetic pathways and rhythms and increase immunity
  • Laser Energetic Detoxification Treatments - to remove effects of vaccines and toxins
  • Essential Oil Treatments (attar therapy, aromatherapy, customized fragranced oil blends) to assist in healing and to improve mood
  • Flower Essences – to provide microbial balancing and emotional equilibrium, spiritual guidance
  • Sound Healing – (toning, chanting, affirmations, and mantras) to move energy with reverence and intent
  • Laser Reconfiguration - to remove foreign frequencies embedded in the body

Lymphatic Treatments

  • Brush for Health Routines
  • Microcurrent stimulation therapy (MST)
  • Rebounder, Chi-Machine
  • French Lymphatic Massage


  • Detoxification Baths
  • Foot and Sitz Baths
  • Herbal Steam Sauna
  • Aromatherapy Steam Sauna
  • Ozone Steam Sauna
  • Hyper-Oxygenated H2O
  • Yin Yang Water
  • Color Embedded Waters
  • Frequency Embedded H2O

Massage Therapies

  • Reflexology - hand, face, ear, foot
  • Acupressure and Target Massage
  • Trager Therapy
  • Massage of Internal Organs
  • Myofascial and Reflex Release
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy with Essential Oils
  • Rainbow Treatment

Our office is located in Los Gatos, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. To schedule an appointment, please contact Elize St. Charles by phone at 408.356.8987 or 408.499.6291 or email

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